domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Martin Taylor's definetely gone nuts

What the hell crossed Taylor's mind at that time?! Was this tackle needed? Definetely not. The way I see it, Martin Taylor must be banned from the turf until Eduardo makes his cameback. I DO agree with Arsene Wegner's statement when he said Taylor should never play football again.

It was such a rash foul that I didn't have the nerve to watch it again. Arsenal players were really astonished at seeing their team mate was to undergo a very serious injury. Adebayor and Hleb seemed to be suffering that in their own flesh. No doubt everyone connected with Arsenal will be supporting the Croatian. Eduardo is ruled out for the rest of the season as he seems to have broken his shin and his fibula.

To round this post off, I'd like to say not only Martin Taylor should be banned for some time but also that Alex McLeish should go to the optician's.. The Scot claimed his player HAD NO INTENTION TO INJURY EDUARDO.. Come on! I wouldn't like to see Martin Taylor willing to hurt..

As I said when I commented on Ronaldo's injury, THE BEST FOR YOU EDUARDO!

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