jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Is this his end?

Before writing my views on this sad event, I'd like to ask this question.. IS THIS THE END OF RONALDO'S CAREER?

Media in Brazil and in Italy itself say this injury has ruined his career to such length that he's not expected to set a foot as a professional player never again.

After a sour draw at San Siro vs struggling Livorno, AC Milan were expecting the worst. The worst was that the scans revealed Ronaldo had ruptured the tendon of his left knee. Unfortunately, knees have been a drama for the Brazilian. He'd previously injured his right knee in 1999. Then in the year 2000, in his comeback one year later in the Italian Cup final, he injured again. Again, 20 months sidelined while playing at Internazionale.

Little do we know what lies in store for this lad. What is for sure is that Ronaldo is undergoning another operation in Paris with Gerard Saillant,the same surgeon who treated him in 2000 after another injury in his right knee.

All the best Ronaldo..

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