sábado, 1 de marzo de 2008

An extra game for extra profit? Toss off!

As an English football fan I'm definetely against the Premier League's ludicrous idea of adding an extra game to the fixtures. There are many reasons to suppport the claim of all of us who love English Football.

  • The support from cracking crowds in English football will be lost. You can't compare the atmosphere at a Wearside or Merseyside derby with a lack lustre crowd in New York.

  • What about the monetary factor? Picture the scene: A man who has always followed his team both home and away. Will he be able to spend a certain amount of £ to fly to Japan or China? Maybe not. In case he manages getting one, another obstacle arises, the price of tickets. Those men who want football to be their very personal business will set incredibly high prices, affordable for super-rich people.
  • This is the previous step to play five or more games in the future.
  • The history of the clubs, the interests of the supporters and the history of English football mean nothing for the Premier League directors.
  • This could also have a negative impact on the English National Team players. More fixtures overseas mean jet-lagged footballers. As a result, poor displays for the national team.
  • The Premier League is the richest league in the world. Incredibly high wages are paid so, is this money really needed?

Now the fans and the clubs must play our part. You have to fight for what is fair. Say no to the Gam£ 39.. Sign the petition to let down this ridiculous plan.

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Public dijo...

Football needs to be less about business and more about the beautiful game.