lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

Gooners go five points clear - The key behind this success

Another convincing win for the Wegner side. Goals from Philippe Senderos and Emmanuel Adebayor earned the North London side another win to place themselves five points clear Manchester United.

As to statistics, with todays goal, Emmanuel Adebayor and Cristiano Ronaldo share the pride of being England top scorers with 19 celebrations each.

Why is it that Arsenal are so comfortable topping the standings?

The way I see it is that Frenchman Arsene Wegner made the right decision at the right time. What is that decision? Begin with the so feared transition. Arsenal needed one (If you are an AC Milan fan, please jot this down, could be useful for you lads) as soon as possible. No more room for Ljunberg or Henry. Behind their backs there were lads eager to make an impact in English football. That was why Wegner bet for the likes of Sagna, Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor. All the merit for the Frenchman who proved to be the wisest mind after the departure of Henry to the Nou Camp.

What is next now? Arsenal should keep their head. Five points clear United means nothing. I say just United becasue Chelsea, let alone Liverpool, do not seem to shadow them on the top. Injuries are usually a headache at this stage of the season, especially when the knock-out stages of the Champions League are coming closer. So, the so called rotation policy should be put into practice. Careful! because when I write rotation policy I do not meant changing the whole team line-up. Just a couple of changes to rest players or avoid injuries will be welcomed.

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