martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

Gerrard writes off title hopes

I have to admit it. I was thunderstruck when I read Steven Gerrard was ruling out his own team for the title race. Weird, isnt it? It wont be so curious if you have a look at the table. They are 19 points behind Arsenal and 5 behind Everton, who are the last side currently classifying for the Champions League. So, Gerrard and everyone connected with Liverpool may have thought "We will have to battle with Everton, Aston Villa and Manchester City for a fourth spot and that is".. In a nutshell, lets play safe and focus on the Champions League and the FA Cup and lets put aside the Premier League for another year.

Now my questions surface..What is the reaction of a Liverpool fan after hearing such an statement? Are they happy this way? Are they happy knowing the league dream was put off for another year in February? Wont be so sure honestly.

Liverpool are a big club in world football and seeing this panorama in February must be very disappointing for the fans.

Where are the mistakes? I think Rafa Benitez made some mistakes when it comes to signings. He shouldnt have spent a lot of money on just one player. Fernando Torres is a good value for money but why not strenghing the midfield or defense line. Is Babel what Liverpool needed? I wonder..
I would like to analyse the season of Liverpool in detail now.. lets see..
*They are the second side with less goals conceded..thumbs up for Rafa..
*Their away performances place them 4th.. not so bad Rafa..
*Their home perfomances are faulty. They are 8th in the league. This is the key if you want to battle for the title..
*Their scoring aspect looks a bit weak I am afraid. Only Torres and Gerrard have scored 20 goals out of 40 scored by Liverpool. Where is the rest?
*The defense have done roughly ok since they have kept 15 clean sheets out of 25 games..
Bearing all in mind, Liverpool and its manager should fix many aspects now before the Champions League and the FA Cup are put off for another year..

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